We find out the facts in cases of wrongdoing. We also help litigators win cases by providing research and analytical support when they need it.
Find out what really happened.
Our consulting and solutions service helps you optimize your risk management and fact finding processes.
Your solution, not someone else’s.
We provide hands-on training designed specifically for compliance, security, intelligence and law enforcement professionals.
Optimize your team, advance your career.


Our Approach

The KeyNorth Group provides investigative, analytic and risk management solutions to the public and private sector. We help these organizations accomplish their objectives through our our investigation, research, training and consulting services.

Our approach is to learn our client’s specific needs and to offer services and products that meet those needs. From basic investigative research products offered at a fixed fee to the management of complex investigations or consulting engagements, we’re here to help.

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Success Stories

Our Services


We analyze information, assess possible outcomes and help you execute the right solution.


We build training courses for the professional development of public and private sector clients alike.

Forensic Investigation

We provide a variety of investigation services to clients where economic crime or commercial litigation issues are suspected.

About Us

Since 2008 we have been providing investigative, risk management and analytical solutions to the public and private sectors locally and internationally.

We assist corporations, government departments and their counsel achieve better outcomes when faced with due diligence and fraud prevention requirements, commercial disputes, theft of intellectual property, employee malfeasance (administrative investigations) and information crime.

When organizations are developing policies and procedures in these areas; or looking for investigation tools to assist them, they turn to us for advice.

We also train law enforcement, regulatory and intelligence agencies to be better investigators and analysts, with a specific focus on open source intelligence gathering techniques.