Documentary Recommendation: The Thread

Set against the backdrop of the Boston Bombings this documentary is an inspection of issues such as the value of traditional journalism, the dangers of vigilantism on social media, the responsibility of social media platforms and how law enforcement interacts with the public in crisis events.

(See film trailer above)

There are two primary take-aways from this film. The first, which is hardly a new issue, is that despite the pressure of having to get information out in limited amount of time, a rush to judgment based on limited information is generally a bad idea.

Second, films such as this demonstrate the value of professional journalists (and for that matter law enforcement intelligence/investigators). While everyone may have access to the same public information, there has never been a greater need for the various forms of information and the analytical skills these professionals bring to bear on current affairs, especially during times of crisis.

The Thread is directed by Greg Barker and executive produced by Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn. We recommend it.