Facebook’s Graph ID URL Manipulation No Longer Works – Here Are Some Workarounds

Many analysts and investigators have found Facebook’s graph id searching to be a powerful research tool. Until very recently a researcher could simply add the word “graph” before the Facebook user’s name and the user’s Facebook ID would appear. Once the researcher had the Facebook ID then there are a number of techniques the analyst could apply, we cover these in our open source training. It also allows the researcher to get back to the Facebook profile time and time again.

Recently Facebook changed their system (as they do from time to time). As a result of the change the previous method of obtaining the Graph ID no longer works. Fear not, we have two workarounds which will recover the Facebook user ID.

The first workaround is provided by Michael Bazzell of Intel Techniques. He has recommended the utility http://lookup-id.com/ in the July 2015 edition of his newsletter (which we highly recommend).

Another tool is http://findmyfacebookid.com/ which tends to be a little spottier with respect to results.

The second work around is a little more cumbersome, but the advantage is that you are not accessing a third-party’s website to perform the ID lookup. A user can use the Inspect Element function which is included in all major browsers and select either the Message button or the small avatar photograph on the User’s timeline. The User ID is displayed in the source code that is displayed…..at least for now.