The KeyNorth team has over a decade of wide-ranging experience dealing with complex and sensitive investigative matters and in providing solutions for law enforcement, corporations, the legal community, trustees in bankruptcy and government at all levels.


Our clients and industry partners know and respect us for our intelligent, detailed and efficient approach to investigative, analytic and learning solutions. Our promise to you is simple: we deliver high-value, customized solutions to help you reduce your risk, increase efficiency and protect your organization, and we do so to the highest standards of integrity, ethical practice and professionalism.

The KeyNorth culture is collaborative and client-focused, committed to creating long-term value for clients through strong solutions that combine our strengths. If you’re interested in joining our team, please reach out.

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At KeyNorth Group, we recognize that each client is different. Our core competence is our ability to anticipate your needs and develop thoughtful, comprehensive solutions tailored to meet them.

Our process begins with careful listening to gain a deep understanding of your organization, your goals and what’s most important to you. We’ll examine your situation with a unique lens, digging deep to develop targeted risk management, regulatory compliance and investigative solutions that achieve the highest-value outcome for your organization.