Our Work With Businesses

Custom Solutions

Companies take on risk whenever they do business with individuals or partner organizations. We can help you proactively reduce that risk and learn what happened when things don’t go as planned.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to develop tailored risk management solutions that respect budgetary considerations and ethics policies. We can help you protect your business through our enhanced due diligence products and risk consulting services, strengthen your teams’ capacity to address investigation problems through our training services, and support litigation efforts through our investigation services.

How We Help

We serve corporate security departments and corporate counsel with internal and external investigations solutions, including forensic auditing and fraud examination, supply chain investigations, leaks of information, allegations of corruption, cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment, and intellectual property rights investigations into counterfeiting, passing-off, patent infringement and other forms of IP crime. We also provide open-source intelligence and fraud investigation training to corporate security groups.

For businesses considering a key person hire or a business transaction such as a merger or acquisition, we also offer background due diligence services to help you safeguard your reputation, ensure sound compliance and make more informed decisions.

Our Impact

The following are a few of the ways we’ve helped businesses mitigate risk and maintain their value in the marketplace:

  • Provided investigative services to help organizations reduce their reputational risk when taking on new clients
  • Conducted investigations to help stop counterfeiters and grey market sales
  • Investigated and helped reject false warranty claims
  • Trained internal staff to prevent and detect wrongdoing
  • Quickly and effectively conducted investigations that minimized the impact of employee wrongdoing, data leaks and internal fraud