Our Work With Lawyers

Custom Solutions

We support in-house counsel, corporate counsel and litigators in getting the information they need to successfully address risk and advocate for their clients.

How We Help

We help counsel serve their clients through our investigation, litigation support and background due diligence services. We offer everything from location intelligence and pre-litigation background inquiries on individuals and companies and their assets to complex commercial investigations including product liability claims, asset tracing and investor fraud. We also provide background due diligence services to support business transactions.

We work with you to determine your needs and determine the right mix of professionals to support your mandate.

Our Impact

The following are just a few of the ways we’ve helped lawyers mitigate risk and successfully serve their clients:

  • Saved hundreds of judgments by locating hard-to-find judgment debtors
  • Helped litigators across hundreds of files make better decisions about litigation strategy and whether or not a judgment is likely to be satisfied
  • Aided in the recovery of millions of dollars for individuals and organizations that were the victims of fraud, negligence and other wrongdoing