Enhanced Training Methods for Officers and Analysts Working in Online Undercover Units

A client required OSINT technical training for both officers and analysts working in specialized units, including online undercover units, which could complement their policy and procedure training.

Initially, the technical training was delivered by several analysts. The analysts were very good at delivering the training; however, it removed them from their day-to-day duties for an extended period of time. Furthermore, as the training was held in various locations over large geography it became untenable from a logistics and cost perspective. Our firm was able to develop a curriculum that “plugged in” to their policy and procedure training and that replaced their technical training. The model for several years was to have analysts and officers attend a headquarters environment for a week to receive both the policy training (delivered by the client organization) and the technical training delivered by one of our instructors. Over time the requirement evolved and rather than having the learners away from their home units (and personal lives) for a week, they received the technical training in an online environment prior to receiving the policy training.

The result was that the client organization saved a significant amount of money on a per-learner basis realized through both professional fees and travel fees for everyone involved. Learner engagement was much higher with respect to the policy portion of the training because the learners were already familiar with the technical concepts and best practices. Finally, the learners benefited because they had some travel and were, therefore, able to benefit from that opportunity, but they were not required to travel on a weekend and were not away from their families and professional obligations for as long.

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