Fraud Risk and Public Funds

A government ministry wanted to strengthen its fraud awareness regime, but didn’t know where to start. We were retained by the department to help and in partnership with them we developed a program that was both effective and tailored to that ministry’s operational environment.

We started by reviewing the ministry’s internal files to properly identify the biggest gaps that were previously discovered. We also spoke with individuals within the organization that had a deep knowledge of its various lines of business and fraud risk exposures.

We then did an environmental scan of other public sector agencies that had similar problems. From this, we asked key questions about the risks they faced, how they mitigated against them and what circumstances led them to become victimized.

As a result of the work, we identified the fraud risks that the client was facing and helped them prioritize their risks from business line to business line.

Step two was to address some of the largest risks we identified on an enterprise level. One of which was fraud risk awareness. We developed train-the-trainer materials for their staff to deliver fraud awareness training to departmental staff in the regions. It was a cost-effective approach to mitigating the fraud awareness risk.

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