Government Employee’s Questionable Side Hustle

When an employee is allegedly engaged in a conflict of interest, it’s important to get to the bottom of it. And when the employer is a federal government department, it’s all the more important. In 2017, KeyNorth was contracted to take on investigations and analytics for one such federal government body.

The employee was alleged to have misappropriated assets by conducting a business on the side. A review for cause was required in order to determine whether this person was entitled to retain their security clearance – something that was imperative for them to continue in their government position.

The investigation involved collection of information through internal and external sources at the department, court records, financial statements (including credit cards), online sources, employee interviews, and thorough analysis of telephone, web log and email records.

We then were able to provide the client with a detailed report, as well as a a number of in-person debriefs.  This led to our client making an informed decision about revoking the employee’s security clearance.

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