Identifying Malicious Practices by Judgment Debtors

Several law firms have retained us to work with them on their “high volume” litigation practices. The firms (and their clients) required assistance to gather information on judgment debtors. The concerns of the clients were that the judgment debtors would be hard to find, their assets would be unknown, that their source of employment or business interests would be difficult to determine and that there would be competing claims against the individuals and organizations in question.

If the law firms allocated resources to the requirement, it would not be cost-effective for the client. Furthermore, for the firms to invest in the training and resources necessary to be able to do an effective job would have taken too much time and be expensive. Finally, because of the volume of claims that needed to be litigated, a key component to reducing the clients’ overall cost was an efficient administrative procedure that ensured that the litigating counsel received a standardized research product that they could review quickly to formulate a legal strategy that met with the enforcement timelines.

We presented our asset and background product as an option for the client. The product itself was ideal for their needs. We developed a system with the law firms to ensure that all of the information was processed properly, the research was done in a timely manner and the billing procedures aligned with their billing process which made it easier for the law firm and the client from an administrative perspective.

In addition, because we have conducted so many of these types of investigations for the law firms, we were able to identify specific red flags, such as identity theft or fraud, which they needed to know about to successfully advise their clients.

If you are a litigator and need intelligence to advise your clients on whether or not a party is worthwhile pursuing, contact us to learn more about our asset and background investigation product.