Operational Analysis for Improved Risk Management

A law enforcement agency that embraced intelligence-led policing needed to ensure that it had a robust policy, procedural, and training framework in place in order to support its intelligence and enforcement teams to be able to effectively conduct open-source intelligence (OSINT) operations. We were retained to assist the organization to meet its objective.

The project involved professionals at the KeyNorth Group engaging with various stakeholders within the organization to conduct a needs analysis assessment to understand their current operational posture with respect to OSINT gathering, assist the policy centre in defining its role within the organization, advancing a general OSINT policy that considered current case law, audit findings of similar organizations, authorizations at various training levels, the organization’s key risks and desired end-state for the organization with respect to OSINT.

The second phase of the operation was to work with leads within the organization to develop a training curriculum for their personnel that would meet their training objectives. The final phase was to deliver training to their members over a three-year period in an online, self-paced but facilitator-supported way.

The project was very successful. Through the initial phases of the project, the client contacts were able to generate important insights from the field which they incorporated into their policy and procedure documents. They were also able to present a more flexible framework for approval to senior management which was the right balance of managing the organization’s risk but that allowed them to adjust for future requirements and the development of new technologies and operational needs as they emerged. The policy was accepted and is now in place. Finally, the organization trained over 500 officers (and counting) at various levels of open-source intelligence proficiency to meet their ongoing needs.

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