How We Work With Canadian Federal Government Clients

We work with Canadian Federal Government clients through a number of contracting vehicles and we are committed to finding procurement solutions that best meet the client department’s needs. This page provides information on our current contracting vehicles and options.

ProServices Supply Arrangement: The firm has been granted a ProServices Supply Arrangement under the streams and categories highlighted below. By clicking on categories below you will be taken to a description of the categories under which we have qualified.

Business Consulting/Change Management Services Stream

9.1  Business Analyst
9.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
9.15 Facilitator Consultant

Project Management Services Stream

10.6  Risk Management Specialist

Under this arrangement we have sufficient breadth to cover any investigation, training or consulting arrangement with our Federal Government clients up to the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) threshold.

Temporary Help Services: We work with partner firms to present our resources when a Temporary Help Services (THS) opportunity is available in the streams and categories in which we qualify (click on the links below for descriptions). These include:

Sub-Stream 5a – Finance (Auditor)
Sub-Stream 5f – Policy and Advisory Services (Special Advisor)

Under these classifications we are able to provide our clients with forensic auditing and investigation services. We’re also able to provide consulting on fraud risk mitigation strategies.

Low Dollar Value Contracts (under $25,000): A low dollar value contract may be the most appropriate vehicle for a government department to contract with us, particularly with unique and specialized assignments. We have worked with departments in a variety of training, consulting and investigation engagements on a low dollar value contract basis.

Other Contracting Vehicles: We have formed strategic alliances with other professional service firms who have contracting vehicles other than the ones described here. We are pleased to work with Federal Government Departments to find a contracting solution that meets their needs.

Payment Options: We support the Federal Government’s initiatives to reduce costs and their environmental impact. We accept direct deposit and credit card payments if the client department prefer that method of payment.

We understand the fiscal environment faced by the Federal Public Service. Due to the boutique nature of our firm we are able to provide high value services at reasonable prices  for our public sector clients, and we are committed to doing so.

If you represent a Federal Government Department we invite you to contact us if you would like further information on how we can work together.