Information overload: Knowledge management strategies for public safety agencies involved in OSINT

We have all heard the phrase “knowledge is power,” however the impact of that statement is particularly significant for police and public safety agencies.

All agencies have the power to leverage their own resources in a way that ensures information is not only accurate and relevant, but also accessible. Having a knowledge management strategy in place is one of the best ways to achieve this. Essentially, it is a plan that addresses how the information will be created, transferred, and applied at different levels. This helps to improve communication, create more consistency, increase productivity, and boost overall morale.

There are a lot of great options out there for sharing and capturing knowledge. Determining which one is best for you, will depend on your own unique needs. Here are some that we have found useful:

  1. Records management systems allow you to create a repository where you can store all your information and resources in one accessible place.
  2. Workflow management systems allow you to make a template on how certain processes such as investigations, report-writing, and dissemination are to be carried out.
  3. Community-based or collaborative platforms allow you to create a space where at any time, community members can share relevant information, generate ideas, and provide important feedback.

Determining which system, will benefit you most, depends on your unique needs and the resources you have available to invest in it.

Are you interested in creating your own community, or repository but need assistance?  Our team is well-versed in public safety operations and has first-hand experience in creating and launching our very own successful online community. Contact us  to speak with a member of our team.