TBS Directive on Public Money and Receivables replaces the Directive on Losses of Money or Property

The new TBS Directive on Public Money and Receivables is useful in terms of distilling the important elements of the policies and directives it replaces (8 of them in total) and identifying who in government organizations is responsible for pursuing losses of money in any context; and who is responsible for implementing anti-fraud controls.

The definitions section from the new policy does not cover fraud, malfeasance, misappropriation, etc.  as the previous Directive on Losses of Money or Property did, which is unfortunate as it was very useful for educating clients.

These definitions are covered either directly or by reference in the Financial Administration Act (see section 76), the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, departmental codes of conduct, the government wide Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector; and of course various sections of the Criminal Code relating to fraud in general, frauds involving public funds and breach of trust

A bit more digging, but the information is available. We have already collected this information, if you represent an agency in the Canadian Federal Public Service and need these references, please contact us.