When You Do Your OSINT Training with the KeyNorth Group, You Join a Community

If you work for a law enforcement, regulatory or public safety agency in Canada and you require open-source intelligence (OSINT) training, there are several important factors to consider.


Consider the quality of the training and whether it will meet your needs. The feedback we have received from our clients is that our training is of a very high quality, current and immediately actionable in the Canadian context.

Delivery Options

We offer training both in-class and online in both official languages. This includes introductory or advanced courses depending on your team’s experience in OSINT. So, whether your organization is interested in in-person learning or in self-paced online learning, we can help.

The Extras

When a law enforcement, regulatory or public safety professional takes our training, they are automatically invited to join our community of like-minded professionals who have a keen interest in OSINT. Members of our community retain access to training materials (you’ll be reminded of how to do that technique that you have forgotten about), they will have a chance to network with similar professionals from other departments and agencies, stay on top of the latest techniques and trends in OSINT and gain access to tools which can be useful in their work. Our community is closed to the public and includes all the security features to protect our members’ privacy.

If you are a professional in the law enforcement, regulatory or public safety fields and you require OSINT training, please contact us for further information on your options and on the KeyNorth Group difference.