Professional Services

For over a decade, our team has been trusted by both the public and private sectors, locally and internationally, including corporations, government agencies and their respective counsel.

Organizations faced with crises such as fraud, commercial disputes, theft or information crime have an urgent need for information about the cause of the incident and the extent of likely repercussions. KeyNorth Group has the risk management expertise to help your organization mitigate threats and respond quickly and effectively when they occur. We work within your budget to reduce loss and liability while providing solutions and guidance that allow you to focus on your core business.


Investigative (OSINT) Research

Explore our Investigative (OSINT) Research services for informed decisions in litigation and risk management. Trusted by Canada’s leading law firms and organizations.
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Forensic Investigation

We provide investigation services to clients that suspect they may be the victim of economic crime, insider misconduct or who require information to support commercial litigation.
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Investigation and Intelligence Advisory Services

We help organizations of in the public sector enhance their investigation and intelligence gathering capabilities.
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We build investigation training courses for the professional development of public and private sector clients.


How do you know if an individual investigator or a firm is the right fit for your requirement?

The legislation governing private investigations is broad, so how do you know if the firm or individual you’re working with is right for your problem? Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Most professionals will be pleased to have a discussion with you about your needs.

Just as lawyers, doctors and accountants can be either generalists or specialists, so too can private investigation agencies and individual private investigators. For example, our firm specializes in fraud, asset location, intellectual property rights investigations, litigation support and information related crime. We have invested heavily in these areas in training, developing great partnerships with other professionals and investments in technology and infrastructure in these areas.

Other firms specialize in criminal defense or catastrophic accident

investigations. It is important that you know that the people you’re working with the right professional for on the right requirement.

How are fees charged?

Investigation, training and consulting work can be billed in a variety of different ways, from the traditional hourly rate model, to fixed fee engagements (also referred to as value pricing in legal circles) and in some, limited situations on a contingency or risk basis.

We’ll work with you to set an appropriate budget, retainer and model for your engagement. We also accept credit card payments, but additional fees may apply for larger mandates.

Contact us for a free consultation on your matter and to learn more about our fees and billing structure.

What kind of clients does the KeyNorth Group serve?

We serve lawyers, corporations & small to medium sized enterprises (“SME”), government departments, law enforcement agencies, not-for-profits and individuals.

What separates individual private investigators from agencies?

According to the Private Security and Investigative Services Act of Ontario, individual licensees are permitted to conduct investigations into individuals, businesses and the whereabouts of persons or property.

Individual licensees are not allowed to sell the services of private investigation to the public. Only licensed agencies can do so. This is an important distinction because agencies have additional licensing requirements and they must supervise the conduct of the individual private investigators that work for them. Agencies are also required to carry a certain amount of general liability insurance which is mandated by the applicable regulations. All of this is in place to protect the public.

There are strict penalties for agencies that don’t comply with the law and regulations that govern our industry.

An individual sole-proprietor can also be an agency, but a client should confirm that the individual is licensed as an agency if they are operating a one-person organization.

The KeyNorth Group is a licensed private investigation agency in Ontario.

What is the significance of the KeyNorth Group specializing in training, investigation and consulting?

We view white collar crime and commercial litigation as a continuum from risk mitigation, through detection to remediation. Our three service areas fit on that continuum.

We leverage the research required to provide excellence in training and apply that research to our investigation and consulting activities. Also, our professionals learn every time we teach and as a result, we are constantly improving our competence in these areas.

Similarly, we leverage our investigation experience to improve our training and consulting services.

What should you expect from an investigation firm you work with?

You should always expect professionalism, communication and diligence from an investigation firm you work with. Whether it is a simple location file or a complex forensic investigation. You should also expect transparency in invoicing and billing.

Our philosophy is to first understand the client’s concerns and requirements. We then develop a plan to meet our client’s objectives and obtain their agreement on the strategy. We then execute the strategy, provide our findings and any additional support that is required.

What experience and credentials does the KeyNorth Group have? How about the professionals at the firm?

The KeyNorth Group was formed in 2008 and has been providing high quality services to our clients since that time. Members of our firm have various designations including being Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Information System Security Professionals.  Our employees are also members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

The backgrounds of our employees and associates include corporate investigators, former government or law enforcement investigators, and subject matter experts for specific consulting engagements. All are appropriately licensed and qualified to perform the work and the team that is assigned to your file will always be the right team for your requirements.

What is the KeyNorth Group’s Geographic Reach?

We are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada’s National Capital but we maintain resources in Toronto, Canada’s business capital. We perform work all through North America and internationally through our network of trusted partners. We also greatly enjoy getting out of the city and working in rural communities.

We are active in industry groups and philanthropy in both Ottawa and in Toronto.

How can we learn more about the firm?

You can learn more about our firm by browsing through our website or checking out our blog. The navigation toolbar is at the top of this page.

We also publish a semi-annual newsletter that you can sign up for where we publish thoughts and insights on our key practice areas: investigation, consulting and training.

We are social. Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. We publish regularly on these platforms.

Finally, and most importantly, contact us by email or phone. Our initial consultations are always free and have no-commitment. We would be pleased to discuss your matter with you and direct you to the right resources to meet your needs.