Investigative (OSINT) Research

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a form of investigative research that uses publicly available information in the intelligence gathering process. Some of Canada’s largest law firms and most well known organizations rely on our OSINT research services to help them reduce the risk to their organization, identify critical information faster and make better decisions in litigation.


Open-Source Intelligence gathering is the process of collecting and analyzing publicly available information ranging from court records to social media so that clients can make better informed decisions in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.


Examples of cases where our clients use OSINT to address their business needs include::

  • Asset and Background Investigations: When considering litigation, it is important to understand if the counterparty is likely to have the means to satisfy any eventual judgment. When a judgment is obtained but the debtor will not pay what is owed, it is important to understand what assets or revenue sources may be available to be used to satisfy the judgement. Throughout the litigation process, it is important to understand what information is out there which may impact legal strategy and tactics. Our Asset and Background investigation service meets these needs and is available on a customized or fixed-fee basis.
  • Location of Individuals: Clients turn to us when they need to locate individuals. Our location services cater to a variety of needs, whether it is for litigation, like locating a judgement debtor or a witness; or for estate matters, including locating beneficiaries. We offer these services on a fixed-fee or customized basis.
  • Situational Awareness: Organizations face threats to their people; and their physical and intellectual assets. Whether your concern is a protest outside of your building or the security of your personnel while travelling, OSINT can assist with understanding your threat landscape.
  • Historical Research: Clients contact us when they need to answer questions about the past. Situations arise about the historical use of property, whether a person previously used a product or whether someone previously worked at a specific organization. Not all OSINT research is electronic, and we have helped clients answer these types of historical questions.
  • Trademark Use Investigations: Concerned whether the mark you’d like to register has already been used in the marketplace? We have conducted hundreds of trademark related investigations to help clients understand if their mark is in use; or has been in use in the last number of years.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence/Background Inquiries: Clients require background research on counterparties for various reasons ranging from general risk-management practices, investment due diligence, channel partner due diligence and client due diligence to maintain compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws. We offer both fixed-fee and customized enhanced due diligence services to meet your risk management needs.
  • Customized Investigation Services: At the KeyNorth Group, we provide information gathering services using publicly available information. If your organization has unique questions you’re trying to answer, we can assist you with your needs.
    We also work with other professionals to support their inquiries. Forensic accounting engagements, fraud, cyber-threat analysis, insider threat investigations and many other types of inquiries benefit from OSINT research. We have worked closely with other professionals to support their investigative research requirements.


Litigation Statistics in Canada

Statistics Canada reports that in the 2021/2022 fiscal year there were 234,094 civil litigation cases. Of those, 20,920 were collection cases. This data was released in March of 2023 and comes out on an annual basis.

Beneficial Ownership Registries

Like other countries, Canada is increasing the use of beneficial ownership registries as they relate to corporations. In 2024 the Canadian Federal Government implemented regulations making it a requirement for federally registered companies to disclose individuals with significant control of the company. The adoption by provincial governments of these beneficial ownership registries varies by province and territory.

Social Media Across Age Groups

In January 2024 the Pew Research Center released statistics on the use of social media by various demographics. YouTube was reported to have the highest usage across age categories. When conducting social media research it is important to understand the demographics of each platform so that research is conducted efficiently and effectively.