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Joining forces to fight fraud in a federal government department

Open-source intelligence gathering for Canadian law enforcement agency

Private investigation training for retired police officers

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

Information on social networks, forums and in key public record data can play a critical role in modern investigations and intelligence gathering activities.

We train investigators and analysts from the public sector, including law enforcement, regulatory authorities and Government of Canada employees responsible enhanced reliability or enhanced secret screening on how to use the Internet as an investigative tool.

We also work with corporate security groups and compliance groups to train them on investigative research and using open source intelligence gathering techniques.

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Analytics for Investigations and Intelligence Analysis

Do you have a large amount of data and need to tease out the relevant information? How about combining datasets from different sources to see the whole picture? What about learning how to distill the information to the key elements so that you can conduct an effective interview or examination? You’re not alone, it is the reality of conducting investigations and intelligence gathering in the modern era; and it is what Analytics for Investigations and Intelligence Analysis is all about.

Through these modules you’ll learn how to marry traditional investigative techniques with intelligence and data analytics to be more effective in your work.

Economic Crime Investigation Training

We are retained on a regular basis to provide training to organizations on economic crime investigation techniques. The needs vary from addressing a particular fraud problem, to training for new investigators or to training for senior staff who need a cost-effective solution for maintaining their professional credentials.

Whether you need to develop a training program from the ground up or trainers to deliver existing content, we can help.

Topics include policies, law and professional standards, financial analysis using spreadsheets, advanced analytics, securing evidence, working with electronic evidence, interviewing in fraud examinations and much more.

In house training is one of the acceptable means of obtaining continuing professional education credits according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners so long as it is in a formalized setting and meets other requirements set out by the ACFE.

Private Investigation Training

KeyNorth Professional Services Group Inc. is authorized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario to provide training to individuals seeking to become licensed as Private Investigators under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. Our specialty is working with corporate security groups who want their personnel to be licensed and compliant with the applicable laws in Ontario through an instructor-led and relaxed setting.


Client Success

The Internal Fraud Forum

To align the fraud fighting mechanisms inside a federal government department is a challenge. This particular client wanted to create a forum where groups from audit, investigation, governance, legal, finance and risk management could come together to share thoughts and ideas. So, we built it for them.

We built an internal educational forum, which brought together groups and focused on fraud, from prevention to detection and ultimately, remediation. The participants received information on applicable legislation, new trends and detection techniques. They were challenged to be innovative and integrative in addressing fraud risk within the department. The result was the exchange of great ideas, development of new relationships and strengthening of existing ones.

Prior to developing the material, we contacted the professional organizations to which the attendees belonged. We made sure that the training met with the professional organization’s standards, which resulted in a very cost-effective way for the employees to maintain their professional credentials.

Open Source Intelligence Gathering for Law Enforcement Agencies

A Canadian law enforcement agency with multi-faceted policing responsibilities identified a demand amongst its members and its partner agencies to have open source intelligence training. They had a general training program but did not have modules designed for specific units.

We were retained and designed multiple training modules based on existing content and training platforms. We also delivered the training at various facilities. As a result, the organization received introductory training courses, comprehensive open-source training, courses specific to strategic intelligence and courses relating to white-collar crime and corruption.

This innovative and collaborative approach delivered customized and actionable training to law enforcement personnel in a very cost-effective manner.

Professional Private Investigators of the Future

Our firm has trained dozens of future private investigators through our Basic Training Program. From would-be surveillance investigators, investigative journalists, genealogists to police officers in career transition.

On one occasion, we were able to assist a group of police officers that were retiring and considering setting up a specialized agency focused on serving the needs of a particular industry. In addition to providing the basic training course required by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario, we also provided business-coaching services, discussed effective corporate structures and introduced them to other professionals that would help them along the way.

Training Facts

• According to a 2014 Survey conducted by the Centre for Social Media of the International Assocaition of Chiefs of Police 95% of agencies surveyed use social media. 55.9% of agencies not currently using social media are considering its adoption. Most impressively 78.8% of agencies surveyed reported that social media helped solve crimes in their jurisdiction.

• Private investigation legislation in Ontario covers most activities where an individuals conduct investigation activities into an individual or organization and are paid for it. In order to become a licensed private investigator in Ontario a person must be 18 years of age or older, be eligible to work in Canada, possess a clean criminal record, pass a Basic Training Course, pass the licensing exam and be approved by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

• Employers based in Ontario may be entitled to receive funding for providing training to their workforce. Contact us to learn more about these programs.

If you are a representative of a Canadian Federal Government Department, click here to learn about how we work with the Federal Public Service.

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We provide a variety of investigation services to clients where economic crime or commercial litigation issues are suspected.


We build investigation training courses for the professional development of public and private sector clients alike.

Risk Insights

We help you identify the existence or potential for fraud or corporate risk through our enhanced due diligence (deep background checks) and our risk consulting services. We an also provide guidance on how to mitigate those risks.