The KeyNorth team has trained several thousand learners over the last 10 years in open-source intelligence and online investigations. We offer training to organizations and individuals to enable them to find more and better online information, faster and with less risk.

We offer on-line or in-class bilingual learning options as well as blended programs which combine both styles of teaching. Please click on one of the images below and you’ll be redirected to our website dedicated to open-source intelligence.

We also assist organizations to develop their own OSINT training programs. 

If you are ready to register your team for our Open-Source Intelligence training or would like to speak to us about developing an OSINT training program for your organization please contact us at If you are an individual learner and would like to sign up for one of our programs, please visit this page on our dedicated website.

Online Learning

Learn open-source intelligence concepts, resources and tradecraft at your own pace and in your own environment.
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In-Class Learning

Students will have the benefit of working in a hands-on environment with guided instruction from an experienced open-source intelligence practitioner.
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OSINT Training Facts

Recertification in OSINT Training

We conducted research related to the need for recertification in OSINT skills. 100% of those polled reported a need to recertify their OSINT Skills. Half of the individuals who completed the poll felt that OSINT skills should be updated or recertified at least every year. Others felt that every one to three years would suffice

Jobs that Require OSINT Skills

We conducted a review of 60 job advertisements posted between February 2022 and July 2023 that reference a need for OSINT skills. We focused our research on primarily Canadian organizations. 40% of the job advertisements are from law enforcement and regulatory agencies; 15 % are from communications and private IT security companies, and 13% are from the financial sector. 11 % are from organizations in the services sector like transportation, housing, health and education. Other diverse industries are also hiring OSINT analysts including media and journalism organizations, humanitarian agencies, environmental organizations and the fashion industry. Job posts mention the need for candidates with experience in OSINT and also with certifications in OSINT.